No Matter What You See in Your Market, EVs are Coming

EV Charge Station

Electric vehicles are the future, and they’re coming soon, according to John Eichberger, executive director, Fuels Institute, and host of this week’s Convenience Matters podcast. “You may still think [electric vehicles] are this unicorn, fanciful kind of objective of the environmental community. Let me make it quite clear. They’re not fanciful. They’re not just being made up. They’re real, and it may not be in your market yet, but they will be,”

The Biden Administration has said that it does want half a million EV charging units in the U.S. by 2030, so retailers, utilities, and other businesses are brainstorming how to make it happen on target and on budget. Now is “a once-in-a-century opportunity to make transformative change in the mobility sector,” said Erika Myers, acting director of Global eMobility for the World Resources Institute.

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