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The basics are what you expect from your wholesale distributor. At Team Modern, our goal is to do the basic exceptionally well but also deliver more to help grow your sales and profits.

We are committed to doing our very best in helping ensure your c-store makes it to the next level. Listed below are some of the services that we focus on to help you maximize how your business performs. If you are considering making a change in your wholesale distributor, contact us and let’s talk about some of the opportunities listed below to help you grow your sales and profits!

Utilizing the space you have within your store is critical to your overall success.

Team Modern helps you make sure your traffic patterns through the store help direct your customers in a way that meets their needs and helps you sell more products.  When you become our customer, we evaluate the floor plan of your store to determine if any changes are needed.  Once completed, the evaluation helps us make sure shelves within your store are at the right location to maximize your sales and profits!  Talk with Director of Sales Blair Hoelscher to learn more by e-mail at or call 800-880-5543.

How long has it been since you took a good look at the products you have on the shelves in your stores? Inventory that is not moving cost you money in salels and profits.

If you want to sell more and increase your profits, you’ve got to have the right items in the right categories in your stores. More than ever before, manufacturers are constantly introducing new products to help them gain market share to grow their business. We understand the importance of managing SKU’s in all categories and provide plan-o-grams that help maximize shelf space profitability.

Are your retails at the right price?

Don’t short yourself on the right margin in your store but don’t over charge the customer either. Make sure your retails help you earn the margin needed while also providing your customers with a great value.  Let Team Modern help you with a comprehensive evaluation of your retail plan in all categories of your store.  The importance of adjusting retail plans by category is critical to you maximizing the profitability of your overall business.  For more information about how Team Modern can help you grow profits talk with Director of Sales Blair Hoelscher to learn more by e-mail at or call 800-880-5543.

We have developed our own in-house proprietary Order Cart System to help!

Just scan the bar code of the items you want to order, plug our scanner into your store computer, review the order for accuracy and send. The process is simple, accurate and saves you time in placing your order. You can also use order history for building and reviewing orders.  Customers are required to provide an internet connection to their computers to transmit the order.

We also offer a “smart device” ordering solution that gives you the opportunity to review and place your order directly from your IOS, Android or Amazon Kindle device.

Use your existing smart device or equipment provided by Team Modern. Our bluetooth scanner linked to a smart device gives you the ability to scan item tags or UPC’s, select the number of items needed and place your order directly from the smart device through over a wifi internet connection. Talk with your Sales Consultant to see if this ordering solution is right for you.


Have you created “destinations” within your store to capture the attention of your customers?

Marketing in the convenience store industry has changed dramatically in recent years and without the right message you can loose customers and sales! The expectations of consumers entering your business are higher than ever before. Also, understanding the demographics of your customer base helps to determine how graphics are designed to get their attention and increase sales.

Our in-house marketing department has two full-time graphics designers, graphics installers and other marketing support staff. Everyone in this department works together to help create brands, destinations and unique shopping experiences for customers within your business.

Promotions sell products and more sales creates greater profit margin, it’s that simple.

We have developed Team Modern 2.0 to partner with the major manufacturers to create promotional deals year-round for our customers. This marketing program creates promotions in virtually all categories throughout your store for the entire year. When your customer gets a deal, they spend more money and you increase your profits. Ask your Sales Consultant if you qualify for Total Modern 2.0 and get started with this program today! These are just a few examples of the types of promotions our customers get to have for their consumers with the Total Modern 2.0 Program.

Last year, Team Modern customers collectively received over $100,000 in program incentive income by participating in WAM Programs.

We are honored to be part of a 25-distributor network nationwide that creates marketing opportunities within you business. For 30 years WAM has developed relationships with the manufacturing community that creates unique marketing opportunities for distributors customers that help increase consumer sales! Through Team Modern, WAM offers monthly promotion buying opportunities. We also track incentives paid by manufacturers through accrual programs to our customers for your product marketing efforts on their behalf at the end of every year. Ask your Sales Consultant about WAM and the benefits of qualifying for this product marketing program at your business. You can also learn more about WAM by visiting their website at

Team Modern customers are putting more profit on the bottomline because of WAM. Learn more about how WAM and Team Modern can help you grow profits.

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