Robotic Chef Flips 300 Burgers Daily

robotic burger flipper

PASADENA, Calif. – In March, Flippy the one-armed robot started working at Caliburger in Pasadena, California. However, the robot soon lost its job when it wasn’t able to keep up with demand and couldn’t put cooked burgers on the right tray.

Now, Flippy has returned to Caliburger, FOX5NY reports. David Zito with Miso Robotic created Flippy, and said the robot is better than ever after he revamped it. Co-workers have been trained to work better with Flippy, which now churns out 300 burgers a day—much higher than its previous 150 burgers daily.

Caliburger owners had “hired” Flippy to replace short-order cooks who didn’t want to work in the hot kitchen. The owners informed FOX5NY that the robot wasn’t taking the place of any human workers.

To work properly, Flippy needs human interaction and assistance. Miso Robotic said Flipp

Republished from NACS