When Blair Hoelscher came to work for Team Modern in the summer of 2014, he saw a company interested in growing their business.  “When I talked with the Ray Family they said they wanted to take the company to the next level.  I saw that as an opportunity to make a new home in Somerset with my future wife and have a worthy business challenge”, he said.  As a former primary representative for Glier’s Meats in the Greater Cincinnati, Hoelscher helped the company achieve some very solid growth goals.  As Kentucky’s largest family owned wholesale distributor, Hoelscher saw the potential for growth at Team Modern as tremendous.  “When we meet with potential customers we ask them about their goals.  We talk with them about what they expect from their wholesale distributor and if those needs are being met.  We try and find out what their business “pains” are and how they might be struggling within their company,” according to Hoelscher.  Once potential customers come onboard with the organization, they are then considered partners.  “We do business reviews with our customers and find the opportunities within their stores to help them grow their profits.  We also utilize our strong team of professionals throughout the organization in each department to attack the problems that our partners face,” he said.

Hoelscher relaxes on the weekend with his wife Elizabeth, a Somerset native, and new 3-month-old son Brooks William to appreciate this new phase of his life in Somerset.  Blair enjoys boating on Lake Cumberland and also target shooting for sport.  When asked about the progress at Team Modern since he came aboard he seems excited.  “We are growing.  When we do business reviews with our newest customers they are seeing impact on their profit bottom line.  And, at the end of the day that is an important reason they open their doors every day”.   If you are interested in learning more about how Team Modern can help you grow your business contact Blair at 800-880-5543 or e-mail at b.hoelscher@teammodern.com.