Bringing a little “New York City” to our customers in Virginia?  It doesn’t matter where you live, what matters is how it tastes!  “We are always glad to be in the stores with our strong customers to help them identify new ways to get their customers excited about our products and help THEIR CUSTOMERS have something new to eat”, according to Chef Jared, Team Moderns In-House Culinary Chef.  “Our customers in Virginia love the patata bread we offer and they wanted us to help them develop new options they could serve their customers on the bread”, he said.  The patata bread is a potato bread and has some great properties.  It (1) has a sweeter taste, (2) has about half the calories of a biscuit or traditional bun, and (3) brings a totally different taste profile to whatever product it is being paired with as a primary meal.  “We’ve found that the patata bread works as a breakfast product with sausage, ham or biscuits but works equally well with hamburger meat, fish, chicken and other lunch/snack applications as well”, according to Chef Jared.  “At the end of the day, we just want to help improve the options our customers offer their customers in foodservice.  Consumer expectations are growing in the foodservice category in convenience stores.  Our job is to make sure the food experience for consumers in our customer’s stores is the best it can be”, he said.

To learn more about patata bread and other foodservice products contact Barrett Harris, the Food Service Director at Team Modern. Call 606-679-1178 and ask to speak to Barrett.