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Food Education & Tasting Program At Team Modern Kitchen

Food Education & Tasting Program At Team Modern Kitchen

Team Modern Food Service welcomed 12 independent food service partner/customer stores represented recently at a food tasting and education session at our corporate headquarters in the test kitchen. Team Modern’s Chef Jared provided multiple items for tasting at the demonstration while Barrett Harris, Food Service Director addressed food service regulations. “Our goal at the program was two-fold: First, to help our food service customers be informed about regulations and procedures regarding calorie count requirements and EBT Program requirements and second, to evaluate their offerings in the food category and help them be on the look out for other food products to increase sales and grow their margins,” according to Harris. “Today in our industry, convenience is in a very competitive environment with traditional quick serve restaurants and Team Modern has to make sure our customer/partners know how to be competitive on pricing, products and execution while still maintaining profitable margins and complying with appropriate regulations”, Harris said.

“We recognized many years ago how important food service is to our customers profitability and we have seen strong food service partners with Team Modern experience dramatic growth of sales and profits,” according to Jerry Ray, President of Team Modern. “Food service is a category that ALL of our customers need to be successful in and we have the people, products and resources to help committed operators grow in a category where success in must for the best profits store-wide,” Ray said. In addition to a broad line of food service products in the category, Team Modern also offers point of sale marketing resources, electronic food service menus and other marketing resources to help promote food service sales. Team Modern offers all traditional food service items and signature exclusive programs including Genesis Coffee, Fruit Blast Freeze and fresh made Grab & Go Bistro Sandwiches.

Team Modern is a 50+ year old family owned company that offers a high level of service to their customer/partners in helping grow sales and profits in stores. The company also offers marketing services to their customers that are created in-house which is a unique feature to offer within the convenience industry. Marketing services include in-store graphics, product branding development, website development, promotional programs, Grab & Go TV an in-store promotional resource that helps promote special deals on promotions within the store and many other innovative marketing tools for customers. If you are interested in finding out more about how Team Modern can help you grow your business, contact Blair Hoelscher at 606-679-1178 for more information.

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